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My First Winter in Indianapolis

I think I’m ready for inclement weather . . . almost . . . LOL!

The first snow of the season reminded me that I need to prepare for the upcoming rain, ice, snow and otherwise cold weather.  I have tried my best, but I’ve run up against a couple of barriers that I’m working through.

Preparing the Silver Bullet a.k.a. my car, the Honda Civic

It appears that the squealing noise that my car makes isn’t the fan belt nor the air conditioning blower.  Yes, both of those were replaced and the sound still appears intermittently.  I will start to make sure that I warm my car up in the morning heading to work and in the evening before leaving work.  But, if the noise doesn’t cease and desist, I will be heading back to AutoKing for a consultation or rolling over to the dealership.  Pray with me that whatever it is that it can and will be fixed with minimal cost!!!

I have purchased an emergency kit and a scrapper for the car.  However, I still need to purchase emergency food supplies, flash light, as well as reading material to put into the car.  Last but not least, it’s time for me to detail the Silver Bullet as well as clean out the trunk of said car so that it will not be a problem finding any of the emergency items.  🙂

Preparing My Home

For the house, I need a lantern as well as some type of cooking solution for if the power goes out.  I was considering a generator, but I don’t think it’ll be that deep.  As a result, I may be scoping out a camping stove and camping cooking tools so that if the power does go out, I can still make some soup and sandwiches.  🙂

After finding a couple of drafts, I’ll be writing the builder.  Yes, my home is a new construction.  Yes, there are certain things that I should not be experiencing only 5 – 6 months in.  God bless a 1 year warranty!!!!  It will come in handy.

In order to be ready for the days that there’s ice on the roads, I’m going to need the home office in gear just in case I need to work remotely from home.  As a result, I’m combing flights so that my go-to-girl, my Amazon, my Mrs. Fix-It a.k.a. niece Tanisha can come up to help me put the desk together as well as move furniture and then party like rock stars!!!!  ROTFL!!!

Preparing me . . . the winter gear

I already have the Fubu platinum men’s coat for the 20 degree and below weather and a bomber jacked for 40 – 60 degree weather.  I added a 3/4 length trench coat for 20 – 40 degree weather.  The first day it snowed I quickly navigated my way over to Costco for a pair of men’s all weather boots and some wool socks.  I’ve added a few more Pashmina scarves in different colors.  I tried to add a couple of skull caps but have come to the itchy realization that a number of winter items of clothing include acrylic.  Did I mention that I’m allergic to acrylic?  Yes, I’ve had to read the labels and touch the cloth to make sure that I don’t have an adverse reaction.  ROTFL!  🙂

I don’t know if I’ll have everything prepared.  But, hopefully, I’ll survive and thrive in my first winter here in Indianapolis.  😉



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