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My First Winter in Indianapolis

I don’t know if my car is enjoying the winter weather.

Obviously, I haven’t winterized my car a.k.a. the Silver Bullet as of yet.  Why do I say obviously?  Well, I was heading to work yesterday, there was the mush of snow on the highway.  Little did I know that the chemicals used to treat said snow would cover my windshield with white gunk.  Using the windshield wipers only made the situation worse.  Can we say smeared white gunk on the windshield?  Then, it didn’t help that I was passing a semi-truck on it’s left when it started kicking water onto said gunky covered windshield.  Visibility was zero for about 5 seconds.  I used the windshield wipers while praying, “Please Lord help me right now!”  Luckily, the water cleared the white gunk.  NOTE:  When I tried to use the windshield wiper fluid, it became obvious to me that I had not asked for some type of antifreeze windshield wiper fluid to be installed the last time I got my oil changed.  “How?” do you ask.  Well, when nothing came out as I continued to pull the lever, I realized that the windshield wiper fluid that was there was either empty or frozen.

Then, there came the moment later in the evening when I stopped to get gas.  I tried to move the lever on the gas tank.  I pushed said lever all the way to the floor.  However, the lid covering the gas tank didn’t move, lift, nor pop out.  A lovely Aussie gentleman came up to try to help me.  Neither one of us were able to coerce the lid to open.  All I can say is that at least I was at half a tank.

Yes, when 7:30 a.m. hits, I will be calling AutoKing.  I might as well get an oil change, have the gas tank lid checked, get the tires rotated, and have antifreeze windshield wiper fluid installed.  If AutoKing doesn’t have any availability, I’ll be calling the Honda dealer.  If they are full, I’ll head over to AutoZone, buy the antifreeze windshield wiper fluid and ask for recommendations on popping open a resistant gas tank lid.

Say a prayer for me!  I love when individuals can touch and agree for a positive outcome and/or change.  🙂

Enjoy your day!



2 thoughts on “I don’t know if my car is enjoying the winter weather.

  1. so some other tips for your florida/arizona car :-0
    – if you don’t have a garage, try not to let your gas get below a 1/4 tank if you are gonna be letting it sit for a number of days and the temp will be low
    -wash off the salt off your undercarrairage as soon as you can safely (meaning don’t wash your car if you can’t put it in a garage cause the locks might ice over. That salt can rust the bottom of the car. It has messed up mine
    -you know this, keep the windshield wipers up when its snowing
    -in wisconsin somebody said when you scrape the windshield to do it in a hatched pattern (vertical then horizontal) cause it would make the next time you scrape easier. I am not sure if that ever worked for me but give it a try 🙂
    -black ice is your enemy so don’t underestimate it cause indy is known more for ice than snow

    Happy driving 🙂

    Posted by michelle | January 14, 2012, 11:54 am

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