Reading is fundamental.
You gotta laugh at yourself!

The Silver Bullet tried to make a run for it . . .

You know I think to myself, “My life cannot get any weirder or funnier.”  But, it can.  I try to listen when God is speaking to me.  He told me to go to JC Pennys.  I went and found a blender that was on sale for one of my girlfriends.  I was directed to go back home.  Did I?  No.  I decided to go to Menards because they had a sale on river rock and I wanted to get a couple for soaking my feet.

  • I went into Menards.  They didn’t have the river rock that I was looking for.  Did I go back to my car at this point?  No.
  • I went to the aisle with the canning equipment because it had been on sale.  It was no longer on sale.  Again, did I go back to my car at this point?  No.
  • I passed by some books, took pictures of the canning books to possibly check out in the future.  I literally moseyed my way around the entire store from gardening to the other side.

I finally left Menards and went out to where I parked my car.  My car a.k.a. the 2001 Honda Civic a.k.a. the Silver Bullet was nowhere to be found.  My heart started beating because I thought my car had been stolen.  I immediately started brainstorming the things that I would need to do and making a list of the belongings that had been in my car when that still voice told me, “Look up.”  I looked up and there was my car about 500 feet away up against another car in the back of the parking lot.  There was a young man walking around my car taking pictures.  I walked up and said, “I’m sorry.  That’s my runaway car.”

I looked into the driver’s side window.  My parking brake was down.  I looked back to Menards and noticed that there was a slight incline in the parking lot.  The young man (who was wearing a Menards shirt) told me that he had called the police.

  • I could only apologize to him again and asked him if he was off work.  He mentioned that he was on his lunch break.
  • I told him that I would be happy to talk to his manager about the situation.  He mentioned that he had called to let them know what happened.
  • I asked him if it would be bad if I thanked him for parking his car there since there was a river/pond immediately behind where he was parked.  He said no.

He actually thanked me for being in his words “such a good sport”.  I thanked him for being cool about the situation.  In talking with him, he mentioned that he had been in his car on his cell phone.  He must have felt the creep factor in my car rolling toward him unattended because he looked up just in time to see my car hit his car.

By the time the Westfield police officer arrived, we were chatting it up.  The first question that the officer asked was “Who was driving what car?”  I had to confess that my car was driverless and rolled itself into his car.  Officer Ford busted out laughing and said (I quote.), “I never heard of something like this before.”  He did recognize that it was a good thing that the young man’s car was where it was since the water was right behind him.  I agreed with him.

Of course, in searching my glove compartment since I haven’t been in an accident in a long time, I did not have my current registration nor did I have my insurance card.  I looked up my insurance card online and tried to pass my phone to Officer Ford.  He went to do something else and by the time he returned, I lost the connection to the server.  He graciously allowed me to email my insurance card information to him.

I literally cannot make this up . . .

Lessons learned:

Deuteronomy 28:6-8 Amplified Bible (AMP)
Blessed shall you be when you come in and blessed shall you be when you go out.



2 thoughts on “The Silver Bullet tried to make a run for it . . .

  1. I am amazed by this story. …I am so happy it had a great ending. …do you remember rocky point the story about the atv and the truck?

    Love you! !

    Posted by Kim Noyd | August 1, 2014, 12:28 am
    • I do now! ROTFL! From Marquis and I being airborne in the dunes to me banging the heck out of that guy’s truck in the parking lot, THAT was definitely an hilarious moment. Let me add that to the book. Thank you for the reminder Kim!

      Posted by theneice1 | August 1, 2014, 2:41 am

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