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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: Tuesday, February 10, 2015

These are my “take aways” from today . . .

  1. I cannot sit next to KB in the iPad Community meetings.  It’s like sitting next to a pesky younger brother.  First, he’ll say something.  Then, I’ll counter.  Or, we’ll start cracking jokes . . . in the middle of the meeting.  I cannot look in his direction or else I’ll bust out laughing.  Bad KB!  I’m reporting you to your wife and whispering strategies into your children’s ears when they are older.  Pay back is a . . . shut your mouth!  ROTFLMBO!
  2. My students in my MATH110 finally get that I’m going to be me.  They’ve learned that I have high standards, make data-driven decisions, and will have fun no matter what.  Yes, that’s me cackling in IT077!  To help them understand that I mean what I say, I pulled out the MyLabsPlus analysis that I did in Excel with conditional formatting and calculations showing the number of homework assignments from Chapter 7 and Chapter 10 that were not completed per student, the number of students who turned in their homework after the suggested deadline date, and the data that I can extract from MyLabsPlus.  Professor Lewis IS stalking you online!!!!!  I know when you logged in, how much time you spent on each homework assignment, as well as what you did and what you didn’t do.  This is why homework will be due 1 week after the content is covered in class.  Thank you for playing!
  3. My road rage is triggered by inane and unsafe decisions made by repeated motorists.  I refuse to fall back into the trap of the road and the rage after being delivered (Thank you Jesus!!!) three years ago.  As a result, I’ll be working out on campus, eating a snack and then driving home after the rush hour between IUPUI and my house is o.v.e.r.  This is a decision that will help everyone in involved including the beige Chevrolet truck that cut in front of me almost forcing me into the sidewalk, the red bug that kept zinging from lane to lane like a drunk fly, as well as the white SUV that didn’t seem to get that gunning the accelerator would not move me to run into the car in front of me.  BTW, no, I do not get intimidated by larger vehicles on the road.  I can and have played chicken with a semi on the highway.  The Lord helps children and fools . . .
  4. I have finally figured out that I have to prioritize AND establish deadlines and then work backwards planning each day hour by hour.  It is the only way to ensure that I get my quiet time in with Jesus (A girl has to pray to make it through the day!), grade papers on time, complete MY homework on time, go to church, spend quality time with friends and family, play with my essential oils, eat, sleep, drive, clean my house, organize my papers, experiment in the kitchen, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.  When I’m in school, I can no longer fly by the seat of my pants.  No more missed deadlines, begging for extensions, or apologizing to students for the delay in grading their homework/tests!!!!!
  5. My leather recliner in the living room is my kryptonite!!!  I simply cannot eat and then sit in the chair!  I will need to take a walk after eating, stand up at the island in the kitchen and do something.  But, tonight is the last night where I miss out on the hours between 6/7 p.m. and 9/10 p.m. roughly speaking.

As the Shunammite woman said in 2 Kings 4:8-37, “It is well.”;NKJV
By golly goody, if it’s not today, I bet you bottom dollar it WILL be tomorrow!!!!  Time for me to learn from yesterday’s errors in my ways . . .



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