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My First Winter in Indianapolis

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Gearing up for the cold . . .

Okay, being that I don’t have any true winter gear e.g. clothing, I’ve been staying warm by layering judiciously.  I religiously check the weather every morning and strategically determine what I’m going to wear.  Each layer is planned depending on the amount of time I’m going to be indoors versus the amount of time I’m going to … Continue reading

I don’t know if my car is enjoying the winter weather.

Obviously, I haven’t winterized my car a.k.a. the Silver Bullet as of yet.  Why do I say obviously?  Well, I was heading to work yesterday, there was the mush of snow on the highway.  Little did I know that the chemicals used to treat said snow would cover my windshield with white gunk.  Using the … Continue reading

I think I’m ready for inclement weather . . . almost . . . LOL!

The first snow of the season reminded me that I need to prepare for the upcoming rain, ice, snow and otherwise cold weather.  I have tried my best, but I’ve run up against a couple of barriers that I’m working through. Preparing the Silver Bullet a.k.a. my car, the Honda Civic It appears that the … Continue reading

My first snow in Indianapolis . . .

Although I was born and raised in Florida, I’ve encountered and lived in snow before.  I went to Georgia Tech in Atlanta and it snowed a couple of times while I was there.  While in Arizona, a group of us (80 strong) headed out to Sunrise, Arizona one weekend.  On a separate trip, Hedi, Kim … Continue reading

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