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Christmas 2011 & New Year’s 2012 in Florida

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Momma said, “You’re going to be home for Christmas.” LOL!

Well, my Mom is the matriarch of the family.  When she speaks, not only do you listen, but most times e.g. 99.9% of the time, you follow said instructions or face the consequences.  Keep in mind that my Mom’s side of the family does not believe that there is a limit to the age that … Continue reading

Sigh . . . time shows you what you’ve done wrong

Remember, when I thought I had left my phone in Indianapolis?  Well, it turns out that I didn’t.  I was a bad girl.  As a result, after stalking AirTran as well as the Indianapolis airport lost and found, I finally gave up the ghost and paid for a replacement phone.  I installed what I thought … Continue reading

Cirque de Soleil with Mom, Terri, George, and Rebekkah

There are times that you have an opportunity to do something amazing with amazing friends & family.  Monday, December 26, 2011 was one of those days.  Terri had 2 tickets available to go to the La Nouba Cirque de Soleil show over at Disney.  I quickly raised my checkbook and signed up with my Mom and … Continue reading

This is how we do it . . .

One of the things that we have made into a tradition is taking my nieces and nephews out dancing to a club when they turn 18.  It’s a way to celebrate, “You’re close to being out on your own!  YEAH for your parents!”  ROTFL!  I will never forget the first time we went out. Since … Continue reading

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