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My Allergies

I, J. Denice Lewis, am allergic to the following: Aspirin Motrin Penicillin Ibuprofen Claritin Flounase Cyclobenzaprine 3 antibiotics (I need to remember which ones they were) My top environmental allergens are as follows: Dust Weeds (Over 66% of the weeds in existence) Trees (More than 40% of the different varieties) Grass (More than 33% of … Continue reading

BTW, I hate being sick!

There are very few things, places and/or people that I will ever say that I hate.  Hate is such a strong word full of passion and emotion.  To hate something draws a significant amount of energy.  But, I can say with much assurance, “I hate being sick.” I’m not the best patient in the world. … Continue reading

Massages are a must! But, my search continues in Indy. :-(

I used to say that I was a “massage whore.”  However, today I am changing my moniker to “massage connoisseur.”  Due to the numerous environmental and medical allergies that I have, one way of managing stress, improving my circulation, reaching mental and physical nirvana is the art of massage.  Everywhere that I have lived I … Continue reading

In search of _____ . Fill in the blank with a specialty.

The one thing about relocating to a new city and state for me is that I need to find those healthcare specialists that will treat my physical ills and ensure my well being as well as find those individuals who I go to see weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed. After not having my monthly … Continue reading

I’m still a little itchy from the allergy testing. . .

No matter where I live it’s in my best interests to be allergy tested so that I know “These are the things I need to do to reduce the sneeze, achoo, AAAAA-CHOOO!”  Since I’ve had sinus issues these past couple of months, my ear, nose and throat specialist signed me up for allergy testing on … Continue reading

Is this medication supposed to help me or hurt me?

Now, I have always laughed at the commercials that tout the newest drug on the market and then at the say very quickly “Known to cause X, Y, Z side effects.  Please consult your doctor before taking drug A.”  Well, I read the warnings a.k.a. caveats for the Levaquin antibiotic that my doctor prescribed me. … Continue reading

Dang gum allergies!

There I was in JC Penny trying on a sweater vest.  Well, I had only pulled it over my head when my skin started itching.  As a result, I knew that acrylic was one of the fabrics in the dress and yes, I was right.  I tried to ignore the Freddy Krugger sensation and see … Continue reading

HIPPA = PIMA when you’re long distance

My doctor is holding the antibiotic hostage until I find out which steroid I’ve taken before and haven’t had an adverse reaction to it.  Why?  Well er rah, on my last visit, I was supposed to call back.  Since I er rah didn’t, he’s given me more than enough encouragement to make sure that I … Continue reading

Uhm, Chivalry . . . knock, knock . . . are you there?

I had to walk away from the triceps machine in order that I might now say words that were not encouraging. Now, mind you, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been in the gym consistently.  However, to ensure that I can be released from physical therapy, I promised to go on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday … Continue reading

What I learned about my knees and the stairs . . .

It is truly time to start consistently doing my stretching routine in the morning and the evening.  I barely rolled out of bed in enough time to make it to work.  When tackling the stairs without doing any stretch, strength building, or exercise, my left knee was hurting walking down the stairs facing forward.  On … Continue reading

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