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Physical Therapy #4

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Uhm, Chivalry . . . knock, knock . . . are you there?

I had to walk away from the triceps machine in order that I might now say words that were not encouraging. Now, mind you, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been in the gym consistently.  However, to ensure that I can be released from physical therapy, I promised to go on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday … Continue reading

What I learned about my knees and the stairs . . .

It is truly time to start consistently doing my stretching routine in the morning and the evening.  I barely rolled out of bed in enough time to make it to work.  When tackling the stairs without doing any stretch, strength building, or exercise, my left knee was hurting walking down the stairs facing forward.  On … Continue reading

We’ve come to an agreement . . . my physical therapist and I

It finally came to me this morning before heading into physical therapy that I may have to live with the pain felt in my left knee when navigating stairs or sitting in a chair sloping downwards.  Thus, I negotiated with my physical therapist as she and her assistant devised additional tortures for me to try. … Continue reading