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The 2011 Birthday Cruise

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The funniest rib-tickling moments . . .

I was watching TV in the bar when Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys threw his 2nd interception for a Detroit touchdown.  One guy said, “Come on.  Romo is the best quarterback Detroit has.” Tanisha had put some of her alcoholic concoction in her soda bottle and had took it to a bartender.  He asker … Continue reading

Bon voyage! (Friday, September 30th)

I had arrived in the Orlando airport at 12:12 a.m. Friday morning.  My niece Tanisha was gracious enough to pick me up.  I wanted to make sure that there wasn’t a sudden dash for a rising gang plank and I also wanted to get my hair done before going on the cruise.  Thus, from midnight … Continue reading

I’m back! It was a great birthday weekend. :-)

The birthday cruise was a blast.  We celebrated my birthday, Nandra’s birthday, and Erin’s upcoming wedding.  Although My quads are still sore. My voice is hoarse and I sound like Barry White. I still feel like I’m on a ship (Can we say vertigo?). I have a slight sore throat. I’m still smiling over the … Continue reading