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It time for me to give back.

I’ve always volunteered in some shape, form or fashion.  Here in Indianapolis, I decided to give the Humane Society a try.  Tonight, I went to the information session and was hooked.  I, being the overly anal-retentive type A personality that I am was impressed with the organization behind scheduling and delivering the information session.  I … Continue reading

Ahhh . . . the Container Store’s grand opening in Indianapolis!!!

Yes, today was the day.  The Container Store opened here in Indianapolis.  Yes, I was there navigating the crowds, combing the store, and checking out the goodies.  I only bought about $30 worth of merchandise.  I’ve already incorporated the drawer separator in my underwear drawer.  Uhm, I’ll confess to having my closet and drawers organized … Continue reading

Turning the house into a functional home . . .

This is my last cookie cutter home.  I’ve started to realize that my home needs to be as functional as my iPhone or computer.  I do have special needs.  The kitchen morphs into my chemistry lab where I can test and create different culinary delights.  Due to my addiction to books, as I have a … Continue reading

It is on like the break of dawn!

Let the fun of blogging begin!  LOL!

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