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You know you have to let it go when . . .

Okay, I’ve lost approximately 70 pounds since 2009 and have kept it off despite physical therapy, Kettle chip & Chick Fil A fries addictions, as well as not working out consistently for most of 2011.  I have donated boxes of clothes as well as shoes as I have lost 10 dress sizes and my feet … Continue reading

Hasta la vista my dear old friend . . . sniff, kettle chips!

After ending the 1 week fast from snacks e.g. chips, cookies, desserts, and other foods, I realized that I cannot eat my kettle chips.  Not too long after I finished munching on a handful of Dijon Kettle Brand kettle chips, I felt my eyelids start to droop.  The chips sent me into fat and carb … Continue reading

All is well at the LA and the Fitness!

I had my initial meeting with Travis at LA Fitness.  It turns out that Travis manages the personal trainers at the Carmel West location.  He’s a bundle of laughs and high energy.  Even though I did cuss Travis a couple of times, he kept it in stride, laughed at me and devised the next torture … Continue reading

Wish me luck! Gym #2 . . . here I come!

Well, I ended my contract at Lifetime Fitness Gym back in September as the lack of gym equipment maintenance, the inability to return a phone call from a few personal trainers, and the traffic snarl around the gym needless to say, put me off.  Since I was going to be out of town for most … Continue reading

What am I eating? How am I treating my body?

One of the biggest eye openers for me was my daily intake.  I knew that I needed to stop frequenting the drive through at Wendys, McDonalds, Burger King, and Arbys.  It wasn’t until I saw the numbers e.g. calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber that I almost fell on the floor.  For about 2 … Continue reading

In the beginning . . .

After making the conscious decision to lose weight, I tried Weight Watchers online in the Spring of 2009.  Although I lost 15 pounds in 3 months, I didn’t feel like I was making the progress in changing my eating habits that I wanted to make.  I can’t remember how I found out about Pro-Fit at the Health … Continue reading

Weighing in . . . .

It’s been 2 years roughly and I’ve lost a total of 73 pounds to date.  I’ve changed my lifestyle with regards to food and exercise.  Rather than rolling through the drive through, I make a conscious effort to plan to eat, cook more as well as regular visit a grocery store.  Adding a rice cooker, … Continue reading

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