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The Silver Bullet tried to make a run for it . . .

You know I think to myself, “My life cannot get any weirder or funnier.”  But, it can.  I try to listen when God is speaking to me.  He told me to go to JC Pennys.  I went and found a blender that was on sale for one of my girlfriends.  I was directed to go back … Continue reading

Sigh . . . time shows you what you’ve done wrong

Remember, when I thought I had left my phone in Indianapolis?  Well, it turns out that I didn’t.  I was a bad girl.  As a result, after stalking AirTran as well as the Indianapolis airport lost and found, I finally gave up the ghost and paid for a replacement phone.  I installed what I thought … Continue reading

Why did I forget my iPhone in Indy?

Sad but true, this isn’t my first time forgetting my cell phone on a trip.  The other time was when I was meeting my girlfriends from college in Atlanta for one of our annual girls trips.  I forgot my Blackberry.  I didn’t have a laptop or other wireless device.  As a result, I ended up … Continue reading

Why problem solving is important

When I think of the problem solving and analytical skills that I learned at Georgia Tech, I don’t mind the expense nor the fact that I moved out of state from sunny Florida to Hot’lanta. I was especially glad tonight when I was sorting through the mail and the check from Brighthouse fell between the … Continue reading

Deja Vu . . . I thought we talked about this before!

Why did I leave my lights on my car . . . again?  Yes, for the 2nd time at work.  I turned the engine off this morning but left the radio on to catch the last little bit of the Tom Joyner show.  But, I didn’t turn off the lights when I locked the car.  … Continue reading

Stairs are the devil!

I don’t know what I was trying to do.  All I know is this.  I woke up this morning and was going down the steps when I didn’t step fully on one of the steps with my right foot which then slipped.  All I can say is that I’m grateful that I’m flexible as I … Continue reading

Living with an absent mind

This morning I packed my lunch and my breakfast and promptly left them in the bag on the counter top.  Being that the office that I work in is secure, I have a key fob on a chain.  The key fob was in a purse that I wasn’t using that also was left behind at … Continue reading

Deja Vu, I don’t like you!

There I was in the garage tugging on the door to the house as if pulling on the door knob would magically open a locked door.  Yes, I locked myself out of the house again this morning.  No, I did not have my cell phone or any other communication device e.g. a laptop.  No, I … Continue reading

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